Safety classes sure do come in handy! CAST: Andriana Santiago, Mitra Jouhari, Philip Markle, Brad Kula. 

Creator: Anthony Oberbeck Producer: Annoyance Productions Director: Ben Weinstein Directors of Photography: Camera Operator: Ian Cinco Script Supervisor: - Gaffer: -- Sound: Bill Pierce Production Assistants: Marybess Pritchett Co-producer: Anthony Oberbeck VFX: Title Card Design: Editors: Ben Weinstein Assistant Editor: Executive Producers: Jennifer Estlin, Philip Markle  The Always On, Slightly Off hub for movies, comedy, and IFC originals.

One of Eric's many Tinder dates must be dealt with when her presence at the show makes the rest of the audience uncomfortable. Pity Applause is Lee Becker, Paul Gabriellini, & Eric Striffler Tinder Girl is Andriana Santiago.

Mixing video with live performance and audience interaction, Pity Applause is a unique spin on improv comedy with a narrative twist that blurs the line between what is planned and what is not.

Andriana is featured as a ZUMBA instructor in Alternatino, a Comedy Central Sketch written by and starring Arturo Castro (Broad City). Arturo teaches another artist how voice over for an automated phone recording is done. 

You're the One That I Want (Grease) - by Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond


Closing Song of the Hysterical Historical Hillary Webseries 

EVERYDAY Covered By: Andriana Santiago