Welcome to my audio page! these special recordings are a mix of songs i make up through improv with audience participation and productions.

Why do I create daily songs?

This is one of my favorite ways to write music. Many of these along with my daily tunes are being worked into full length songs, for my record or for other artists! I’ve been building an incredible team of producers and songwriters to bring this to life. Are you interesting in a collaboration reach out.

1. I’m obsessed with song making. I love to sing all day. What I see. How I feel, or whatever imaginative thing I think of. There are ENDLESS MELODIES!

2. It makes life even more fun and inspires others to sing or hum throughout the day and adds joy to life.

3. It heals. For example, I sang my daily song just a few minutes after I witnessed my dear Nana take her last breath. In this emotion, at that moment, there was a deep truth, self connection, and tears and a feeling felt in song.