The Science of Sound Healing Workshop

 Led  by Andriana Santiago, La Luz
The Science of Sound Healing is a workshop in which we learn the modern science of how sound heals and it’s ancient traditions. Without realizing it, sound and light waves are constantly influencing your body and environment. All molecules in the universe are moving and vibrating at observable frequencies. Yoga refers to this energy as prana, while western science refers to it as quantum physics. These particle waves can have an effect on our body in both positive and negative ways. We explore this relates to the frequencies of the internal energy centers within the body called Chakras. This workshop includes tuning through the use of voice, sound and light. Participants get to experiment with instruments in groups.  We conclude each workshop with a unique Sound Journey Experience.


About Facilitator Andriana Santiago & La Luz

It has been a mission of Andriana Santiago, the founder of La Luz, to create an environment for artistic freedom and self expression that empowers ones inner light to shine at its brightest. The La Luz Sound Journey Experience is a gathering where sound and light take you to a personal place of healing and transformation. Live acoustic instrumentation and vocals are accompanied by digital sound while projections fill the space with beautiful colors and images.


La Luz History:

  • La Luz has evolved from a physical space to a traveling space, where we continue to share our healing events and comedy workshops through collaboration with various communities.

  • The former La Luz Studios, a huge 5000 sq foot space, thrived in Bushwick, Brooklyn from 2012-2016 as an innovative environment with the aim to create possibilities that inspire awareness & positive change in the world through progressive, social & community activities by offering space and support for local and international creatives, performers, teachers, scientists, and spiritual leaders to share ideas, teach and hold space.