• Lot 45 (map)
  • 411 Troutman Street
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11237
  • United States

Andriana Santiago joins us again as our Maenadic Priestess, leading us from our luscious dinner setting into the meat of our party with her signature spontaneous siren songs. 

At 9:30pm, she will take the stage to oversee the chaos of The Changeover which transforms the space for our journey into even deeper and more lust-filled experiences.

Photos from previous LUST Performance


This edition of LUST is all about luxuriating in the heat of summer. As we reawaken from our slumber of winter and spring, we open ourselves to all of the possibilities that the heart desires. Limbs entertwine, mouths open wide in pleasure, eye contact lingers...come experience what has become our specialty: Intimacy Without Fucking.

Love and LUST take many different forms. Discover yours June 16th in the heart of the creative capital of the world, in a room full of NYC's most provocative performance artists. This event is for couples, singles, groups of friends...for everyone with love and lust in their hearts, an open mind, and a penchant for consensual interaction. 


noun: lust
very strong sexual desire.
"she knew that his lust for her had returned"
a passionate desire for something.

A sensual appetite regarded as sinful.
"lusts of the flesh"

synonyms: desire, be consumed with desire for, find sexually attractive, crave, covet, ache for, burn for, feel a strong desire for something.


An immersive, erotically charged dinner party where food is served on naked bodies and eaten with raw abandon. Use your hands, feed a stranger...use your mouth...straight off some hot flesh. 

An erotic, sensual party filled to brim with sexually-charged performances. In a world full of fucking without intimacy, indulge in a night of Intense. Intimacy. without Fucking. 
~Leave your inhibitions at the door~
Does danger excite you? Have you ever wanted to live one night completely on the edge of your boundaries?
LUST presents a night curated by Abby Hertz at Lot 45 featuring NYC's most daring performers, and a night of sensual debauchery. 
Indulge every sense and make no apologies
Lose yourself...
Lock away your decency and throw away the key…
Enjoy a sumptuous feast served off of naked bodies, fed to you by our lascivious lady servants and man slaves.
There are no plates and no utensils. All food is eaten with your hands.
We are carnal animals. Remember your origins and eat with abandon. 
Each table and body has a different course. Spend time lounging at each table to get your full meal.
Vegan and vegetarian options will be available as well as choices for our omnivores.
Dinner by Chef Samia Behaya
A complimentary glass of champagne will be served to each guest with their dinner. Ticket given upon entrance. 


::~Main Event~::


Immerse yourself in erotic art installations and a night packed full of delicious, sensual performances.

Our garden of earthly delights will titilate your senses all night with interactive art installations, erotic performance art, secret fetish stations, dungeon and play area, cuddle puddle lounge, live musical acts, and a late-night steamy DJ session.

...Watch out, you just may be kidnapped by one of our High Priestesses and initiated into her underworld...

Night of ecstatic pleasures includes:
~Sex Magick Ritual and Opening Ceremony
~Interactive Human Candelabra and Hot Wax play area
~Private Dungeon
~Fire Performances
~Shibari installation and interactive experience
~Cuddle Puddle by Domino Vi and sensual lounge area
~Live Musical Acts
~Erotic performance art

Veronica Varlow
Cassandra Rosebeetle
Cornelius Loy
Zahra Damballah
Chris Flambeaux
The Hive
Victoria Elizabeth
Nora Kay
Chelsa Doll (Kissmedeadlydoll)
Mildred S. Pierce
Faux Pas le Fae & Aurora North
Sarah Elizabeth
Frank RopeDart Hatsis
Adrienne Mora
Adam Rei Siegeleigel
Jemila David
Nelly Nell
Al Emadi
Miranda Rovetto
Pixel Chick
Juanita Jenny Viera
Mikaal Bates
Erik Magnus
Justone Bossert
Roberto Garcia
Andriana Santiago
Sunny Quetzalcoatl
DJ Kevin Bourgeois
DJ Milk Gian with a steamy late night set!

Live band: La Pachamambo

Decor by Domino Vi

~~~Consent is sexy~~~ 

~~Please let our servants and mistresses know your limits~~

LUST creator Abby Hertz works hard to create a lush, sexy, and SAFE environment for guests to explore their sensuality through their senses. ALL touch between guests must have prior affirmative consent. Ask before you touch. Ask before entering anyone's scene. Be respectful of other's play areas, space, and most importantly, bodies. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, please tell a monitor, stage manager, producer, or staff. Producer and venue reserve the right to have anyone escorted off premises that violate consent or to deny entry to anyone acting inappropriately. 

PHOTO POLICY: NO CAMERAS ALLOWED OTHER THAN PRESS AND OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER. If you bring a camera, you will be asked to check it in coat check. Please use camera phones sparingly, discreetly, and always ask permission before taking any photos of other guests. 

Members of the media will be present at LUST and both photographs and video will be taken that could include guests. 

*Refund Policy: ALL SALES ARE FINAL.*

If you cannot make it to LUST for any reason, please post your tickets in the discussion section of the FB event page

LUST producers reserve the right to refund any ticket if they deem the ticket holder to be inappropriate or unsafe for the event. 
LUST is an above-the-belt event. We are a sensual party with erotic tones and NOT a sex party. If you are caught breaking the no-sex/no-below the waist interaction rule, you will be asked to leave. 
No one under 21 permitted
All copy herein © Abby Hertz