Andriana will be performing as the Songstress Dove of the evening. She will take you on a joinery with glamorous song. After she finishes her grand performance, this Dove will fly around the venue, granted various lucky individuals the experience of their very own unique song created just for them. She will sing in your ear, she will touch your heart. 

A Seductive and Interactive Luxurious Dinner Experience
The night begins with guests mingling and sipping rosemary-infused cocktails.
"The three people that come up and describe the best sexual fantasy will be let in first," the doorman tells the crowd. As those who approach him reveal their deepest desires, he replies, "I think we can handle that for you," just revealing a little bit of the magic of the night.

Inside the venue, guests take in the sexy, romantic, and seductively interactive atmosphere around them. There is a feeling of royalty in the air as guests experience the aerial acrobatics, food served from elaborate cages, whole roasted delicatessen, and butlers prone to asking guests to slow dance.

Why the dove you ask? The Dove, originally a symbol of the Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite, and her Roman Counterpart Venus, is said to be a symbol of eternal love and loyalty. The Dove helps you recapture a sense of wonder and love for the world around you. 

ELOHA YONIM is a Theatrical Performance Ritual, which aims to transform each guest into an oasis of drooling sexiness and passion. Artists and creative fashion vendors will be on premises at the event.
It's interactive. 
It's seductive.
It's passionate. 
And it's just for you.
Worked up an appetite yet?