• Address Given upon ticket purchase (map)
  • Chinatown NYC

Andriana will cast song spells upon you as you the event. Prepare yourself for an evening of magic. 


-◦❍◦ And I am of the age of Aquarius too, just like you. ◦❍◦-

❍ The future is bright with possibilities unknown as Vox Noctem & Love Medicine shoot us straight into the starlite stratosphere for a radical reimagining of the earthly landscape far below. Participants are invited to soar above assumptions, and birth entirely new worlds from a bird’s eye perspective. What would it mean to travel so lightly? Experience our sensory exploration of the coming of a new dawn, as we make way from Piscean to Aquarian Age.

❍ Experience 3 psychedelic environments - stars within the cosmos of our imagined future oasis - where artists, magic makers, healers & musicians guide energy into collective elevation. Bearing water, satisfying hunger and stimulating truth, we invite you to immerse into the Fifth Dimension; this is the Age of Aquarius. In this era, humanity is becoming aware of his divine right, to be NUMINOUS, that he is endowed with the ability to create his own reality through his mind.  

❍ Enjoy immersive soundscapes, multi-course five star dinner experience, a cavernous underwater dance celebration, and boundless participation and possibilities.

❍ Aquarius season invites you ❍ To revel in the full flair of your eccentricity without having to tone down your wildness one bit ❍ To express innovative opinions while finding belonging in the broader world ❍ To cultivate a loving detachment in relationships that takes your intimate encounters even higher ❍ To race straight into the future as you celebrate all that is unknown ❍


-◦❍◦ Dress Code ◦❍◦-

Through outerwear, our inner bares.
Psychedelic futurism. Cosmic gypsy. Surealistic bohemianism.
Ziggy Stardust meets zodiac priestess at Burning Man...

See album on ticket link for more inspiration.


-◦❍◦- Tickets ◦❍◦-

☞ https://vox-noctem.ticketleap.com/age-of-aquarius/dates/Jan-20-2018_at_0700PM

★ FEAST OF THE NUMINATI ★ 7:00pm-11:00pm
Dinner starts promptly at 7:30.

An immersive dining experience for the lucky ones that reserve early. Vegetarian friendly. Served by Chef Feli aka Big Love.

★ AGE OF AQUARIUS ★ 11:00pm-4:00am
A celebration of dance, performance & healthy hedonism.


-◦❍◦ LINEUP ◦❍◦-
6 DJs on 3 levels of interactive spaces with multiple Funktion-One sound.

★ Experimen.Tal ★
☆ Carlita ☆
★ Saltamontes ★
☆ Kellam ☆

-◦❍◦- Artists & Offerings ◦❍◦-

A musical experimentation into The Age of Aquarius
✭ Andriana will cast song spells upon you as you enter the event.

✭Musical Collaboration by Sky White Tiger & Sandflower
✭ Tea Ceremonies with Catrina Armendariz [Hereness]
✭ Intention Setting with Shirin Mazedyasna
✭ Astral Projections by Dan Morneau [Levitation Theory] 

More TBA


-◦❍◦- Table Service | Private Quarters ◦❍◦-

Group ticketing & table service available.
Email info@voxnoctem.org for availability


-◦❍◦-Finer Points ◦❍◦-

❍ Cell phone use is discouraged. Promote presence and respect at all times.
❍ Openness and free expression is NOT an invitation.
❍ Communicate clearly if you feel inclined to enter someone’s personal space. Yes means yes. No means No. 
❍ Attending this gathering is a CONTRACT of CONSENT.

-◦❍◦- Our Community ◦❍◦-

✖︎ Exploring constant adaptations in performance, sound, art and alchemy, Vox Noctem works to promote collective mindfulness through carefully curated spaces to the satisfaction of their beloved creatures of the night.

❤︎ Love Medicine’s core mission is to advance the evolution of consciousness through events held as transformational rituals, ceremonies and initiations that viscerally convey the boundless possibilities of a future founded on ideals of openness, love and compassion.

-◦❍◦- Participation & Presence ◦❍◦-

❍ As patrons, performers, and organizers within New York’s elite underground, we are mutually responsible for the success of this event as a transformative space and we recognize that it is the lens and action of each individual which makes the vision a reality. EVERYONE is welcome here. We ask that you represent your most authentic, expressive, & respectful self.


21+ | No re-entry