• Elements NYC Music & Art Festival 2017 (map)
  • 1108 Oak Point Avenue
  • Bronx, NY, 10474
  • United States

YES! Let's Workshop

YES! Let’s Workshop: 

YES! Let’s focuses on how improv comedy parallels to life, relates to communication and inspires empowerment. We create a safe space of positivity to feel fully expressed with no inhibitions. Through various games and scenes we break down walls and barriers and judgments we’ve set for ourselves and instead become more playful, adaptive and resilient as we embrace life’s truths, absurdities, and realities through a new set of eyes. We empower one another and build deep connections as we create imaginary worlds and live in them together. We practice being present in the moment, listening carefully, and contributing freely. We use positive linguistics like, “yes and…” to accept whatever our scene partners do or say as part of the reality of the scene and then add on it with our own contributions. We take these tools discovered out into our lives, and apply them we create strong genuine relationships. It is playful and frees the spirit. Improvisation goes beyond the stage or the studio – it is a life philosophy.