ANDRIANA is an immersive performance artist. Her performances are captivating, entertaining and clever. ANDRIANA's range of songwriting is impressive, as she has been creating a daily video song on her Instagram for 2 years and counting. ANDRIANA is a producer, recording artist and collaborator. She records full length songs and films, directs and edits videos for each. ANDRIANA's live performances range from full on productions with props, dancers, instrumentalists and costumes, to the the raw simplicity of acoustic self-played instruments and vocals.

ANDRIANA is notorious for inviting audience members on stage for conversation and taking audience suggestions to create improvised songs. They watch in awe as songs written live roll off her tongue as if they'd been rehearsed a million times. Words weave into melodies and stories hypnotize,  making each show different and new each time, something that keep fans coming back for more.

BEfore i began a song a day... there were these. 

The beautiful sky boasting sail boat silhouettes  at the marina in Waikiki, Hawaii. 

The birds. Chirp! Chirp! In the Jungle we walk! in Hawaii.

Singing about moss in the Kahana jungle! In hawaii

Shadow. U are special too!

Thank you sun.

Time to go do laundry!!!! Put it in. Wait. Take it out. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait!

Like sand we are unique individuals but stronger and more beautiful together with love! 

Everything is connected. Kahana train in Hawaii. 

A beautiful sunset song at Sand Beach Hawaii. 

Enjoying the Beautiful weather in Waikiki, Hawaii. Filming for PlanSea TV.