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Eye Candy.... Kilauea.

Earth is ALIVE! This is our earth breathing, bursting with life, building new ground. A natural phenomenon of renewal. Nicaragua is the land of lakes and volcanos, with thousands of people living around the inside of inactive volcanos that are now forests filled with life.

Seeing, Breathing, Hearing Earth. The earth is so multifaceted in its various landscapes and climates, species and geological differences. What's so fun about traveling are the different characteristics each outdoor environment uniquely expresses. For example, Scents, Texture and color pallet: The dessert, light, white, dry, sharp, but can be smooth with sand dunes too. Underwater diving the reef is so teal and neon,  with the ocean sprayed salty air. Hiking in the woods is green and brown with gusts of the most heavenly scent i like to call: 'Leaves & Earth Baking in the HOT HOT Sun'. So captivating its like that moment when i'll be outdoors and  close my eyes and the clouds part ways and the sun hits my face and then a bird sings and the wind blows and the leaves dance and they sing too. oh! and boots crunching in snow, Love that. I hope to visit this volcano some day.