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Ever since I was a weee dRi I'd make up songs, even when I was crying or trying to talk! So here I am a big kid now aka grown up, still making up songs ALLLL DAY LONNNG! I'd post them to my personal IG account, but that wasn't enough. They'd get lost in the mix, so that I had to fix! I created AndrianaSINGS just over 2 wks ago so i could easily share these melodic happenings I make up 'On the Spot' with friends, family & complete strangers. At my shows I'd make up songs all of the time, but I'd never tell the audience, until I realized how much fun I was keeping to myself, so I began to take suggestions or share with them that I was about to write a song! Now, the tricky thing about making up songs everyday is choosing which ones to memorize and make into records. heh We r Born w/ a heartBEAT. Our VOICE the melody. <3