Texas! Big hair. Big hats. Adorable accents and boots! A far cry from Hawaiian flower shirts, flip flops and words that begin with a K. Haha Welcomed by 40 degree weather, I Already put another later on. Warming up for the big city!!!!! Delayed flight but that's okey! What's traveling without a delay?!?

My experience in Hawaii was beautiful. Traveling is so inspiring and rejuvenating. I really needed that time away for a lot of reasons and am so thankful it worked out. I didn't think it was possible to be away from La Luz for so long but with careful planning and teamwork I realize anything is possible. Just because I have a business doesn't mean I can't travel. I truely believe that if We r to continue ly inspire one another we must continually find ways to inspire ourselves. It's easy to get Into a routine whether working for oneself (27/7) or a 9-5 and 10 vacation days. 

I moved to NYC 7 years ago with a 3 month sublease and the idea to come and start a band and get a record deal. I started a band and had so much fun living in an artist collective with 16 people. 7 years has gone by fast. I am still making music, I feel younger than ever and sillier and wiser. NYC get ya like that. U come here for one thing then other things happen then you work for the money, loose focus, get refocused, make magic, leave the city, come back for more, then make even better magic. Time is a vortex. We are all in it. So let's dance!!!

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