The ocean Is so alive. It is so constant with waves continuously rolling in and pushing out. Much like how the insides of our bodies work to keep us Alice...our heart pumps blood in, cleans it, pumps it out, liver, veins, lymph nodes, breathing in oxygen and out carbon monoxide.

We are drawn to the ocean. It is healing and peaceful. 

To be submerged in this massive body of water is sooooo amazing!!!! It's like the warmth of the sunlight kissing your face in the morning, or like the cool breeze hugging ur body as the  golden sunset creeps behind the coast.  

The sand on this beach felt super coarse but smoother at the base of the shoreline. Also one side of the beach has a super tall red wall  and the other side has a black wAll. Together they make this sand that has black and red pieces and other organic bits mixed together. ;)