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andriana posts new song video every day!

Every day I post a new VIDEO to my @AndrianaSings Instagram. I make up songs all day long so why not share them w/ friends, family & complete strangers?! We r Born w/ a heartBEAT. Our VOICE the melody. follow @andrianasings, like, share, inspire!

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andriana's performance videos

well, here it is, a snippet from BirDolphin's performance at the Ha Ha Comedy Variety Show at La Luz! The transformation to BirDolphin to human is oh so very fulfilling. YES I MADE UP THIS SONG ON THE SPOT!

Like sand we are unique individuals but stronger and more beautiful together with love! On the spot song while laying in the sand In Hawaii....

Look at THAT SKY!

The birds. Chirp! Chirp chirp chirp! In the Jungle we walk! in Hawaii. 

Singing about moss in the Kahana jungle! In hawaii

hand shoving and all, its one of the most fun challenging sports EVER! i love love love it. CLimbing outside and overlooking beaches, forests, and whatever is in the distance form the place of the climb, is absolutely MAGICAL!!!!!. thank you earth! thank you volcanos! thank you every breath i take for being alive.

We had alot of fun pulling these one liners written earlier by the audience out of our pockets!!!!!!! Who knows what's to come next! and that's a beauty of Improv =Life.

Time to go do laundry!!!! Put it in. Wait. Take it out. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait!

Enjoying the Beautiful weather in Waikiki, Hawaii. Filming for PlanSea TV. 

Everything is connected. Kahana train in Hawaii

A beautiful sunset song at sand beach hawaii.

Thank you sun.

Shadow. U are special too!